Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer (WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop) v1.12.0


Download Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer (WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop) CodeCanyon 23438365 Nulled Free
Ultimate Addons for Custom Product Designer – support platforms WordPress/WooCommerce, Opencart, PrestaShop


  • Preview design in 3D
  • Drag and drop to add or change image
  • New zoom function
  • Auto Snap: When you move text, clipart, photo it will align your design.
  • Group layers
  • Align more layers
  • Line height layers
  • Hotkey
  • Right menu
  • Lock layer with move, reize, edit, remove, rotate
  • Add menu send to front, back of sort layers
  • One click of automatic fit area design
  • One click of automatic full area design
  • Easy crop image


  • Design idea page: allow add design with each prdouct
  • View design idea on page product and buy
  • Quick change text, photo in page product detail and buy
  • Automatic add design on more products
  • SEO URL with each design template
  • Design Mugs in 3D: Users can see the designs in realistic animated 3D view or view design on more mockup.
  • Real time print preview
  • Add gallery product with more mockup
  • Shortcode of gallery on page product detail. Your gallery will automatic update when you change design.
  • Quick upload design and buy from page product detail
  • Customize product design with each variation of WooCommerce
  • Show or hidden button add to cart on product design
  • Show or hidden button customize design on page product
  • Show list color of product design on page list products (only support WooCommerce)
  • Support unlimited view (design calendar with 12 months)
  • Support design photo books, menu with unlimited view
  • Support design document (allow customer add or remove page)
  • Embroidery effect
  • Jersey Kit Builder: Allow your customers to design once and get complete sports jersey kit customized including t-shirts, shorts, shocks etc based on their design
  • Variations attributes: allow you customize design each each variation attribute
  • customize area design attributes: customers can choose list size of area design and size will automatic change in page design
  • image variation attributes
  • Use any shape of area design with file PNG
  • Active list printing and allow customer change print method. Price will automatic update when change print method
  • Add mask of effect in product image
  • Disable move outside printing area
  • Show or hidden any menu team, qrcode, cliparts, upload…on each product
  • Setup list color of each product
  • Setup list font with each product
  • Required of attributes

Image Upload

  • Get photo from Facebook
  • Get photo from Instagram
  • Get photo from pixabay.com
  • Support upload PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, PNG, JPG
  • Remove background color of photo
  • Crop photo
  • Allow disable move, resize, rotate, remove, edit photo
  • Setup limit photo add on design with each product
  • Filters effects
  • Image shapes
  • Quick replace image design
  • Saved all image upload of customer and re-open when come back
  • Drag and drop to add image
  • Check DPI of file upload
  • Convert image to one color and change color of photo


  • Text curve
  • Quick edit: click on text to edit
  • Text pattern
  • Choose list size of text
  • Customize list font with each product
  • Active color picker of text color
  • Setup limit text add on design with each product
  • Change text, color of text default on each product
  • Allow disable move, resize, rotate, remove, edit text


  • Edit color of file SVG
  • Add frames of svg
  • Upload and add more shapes
  • Search free photo from pixabay.com
  • Patterns background
  • Find and add icons

Save & Share

  • Share and view design on page product detail.
  • Add menu download file thumb of design
  • Remove tshirtecommerce name in link share and use link of product.
  • Manager design of user and admin in admin page.
  • Share design on social and email
  • Add page my design in page my account of WooCommerce


  • Automatic synchronize file output, design detail of order to your Dropbox
  • Automatic export file PNG, PDF (300 DPI) and send to email of admin or your partner
  • Supported get a quote
  • Show list discount on page design


  • Free install 27+ our addons
  • Free import product design
  • Free import cliparts
  • Free import design template
  • Manager design of users
  • Setting show or hidden any menu of design tools
  • Custom CSS, JS with each layout


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